Fear: The most dangerous pandemic. 

The figures show that in the last months the consultations, screenings and treatments had dramatically decreased in Portugal.

Cancer, neurologic or heart disease. Hundreds of thousands of people missed a medical appointment or neglected important symptoms. The main reason: FEAR. People are afraid of covid-19. The impact is tremendous. In some areas we are regressing years or even decades.

Aware of this reality Roche Portugal together with the Portuguese medical Association and The Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers, launched the movement "Do not mask your health", with the support of a public campaign to create awareness on the need to not minimize the symptoms of the non-covid diseases and seek for medical care.

Additionally a national survey and a think tank, will inform 10 recommendations on how to recover the care for non-covid patients and will be shared with the Government.

See the informative video and join us in fighting the fear.